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Unleash the power of art in your life with Wilma Rogers' original art. We specialize in fine, hand-painted pieces that transform any space into a haven of beauty and tranquility. Each brushstroke is a testament to Wilma's passion for creating captivating contemporary minimalist luxury abstract art that exudes positive energy. From vibrant bursts of color to soothing, ethereal compositions, Wilma's original artworks are carefully crafted to bring harmony and warmth to your home and business. Elevate your decor with one-of-a-kind canvases accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Experience a world where art meets soulful expression.

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What Others Are Saying


"We reached out to some of our customers to share their insights and experiences with the artwork they purchased, and here's what they shared."

Simply opulent! - Tyler


Breathtaking and I love it! - Carol

This is so beautiful! - Evelyn

I love the color combinations! - Kathy

Guests are drawn to this piece! - Brook

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Meet Wilma Rogers

Introducing Wilma Rogers, the visionary artist behind captivating masterpieces that exude harmony, peace, and joy. With a passion for creating beautiful artwork, Wilma's mission is to bring serenity into your home through her original paintings.


Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand using acrylics and features textured elements and exquisite foil embellishments. Immerse yourself in the charm and cherished emotions evoked by Wilma's artistry. Transform your space into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility with her extraordinary creations.

Personal Touch: A Certificate of Authenticity is included in a professionally package ready to hang.

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